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Ada Wallace is a newblood with the ability to remember everything and memorize anything instantly. Originally a maid, she joined the Scarlet Guard after Mare Barrow found her.

Biography Edit

Ada was a servant for House Rhambos in Harbor Bay before being recruited to the Guard by Mare Barrow. She was helped out of the city by Crance, a Mariner and ally of the Guard.

After the Nortan Civil War, she becomes a vital member of the Nortan States' delegation in deals with Montfort and the Scarlet Guard. She uses her ability to analyze Scarlet Guard troop movements against the Lakelands, taking the generals of Command by surprise.

Personality Edit

She is described as kind and soft— too kind for all the things she has seen and still remembers. She also loves to read and absorb new information. Ada is careful not to scare people with her ability; at meetings, she consults maps and charts like everyone else, even though all the information is already stored in her head.

Physical description Edit

Ada has golden skin and brown hair.

Abilities and skills Edit

She has the blood mutation that grants her a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. As a result, her intelligence was heightened and she has a photographic memory. She can remember any physical or non-physical skill she learns, such as defensive arts and piloting. Her ability is very rare, even among newbloods.

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