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Aerion Calore was the tenth ruler of Norta. His reign lasted from December 12, 159 to February 2, 188 NE.


King Aerion shared his mother's, Queen Elisabeta, passion for architecture, and together they built the Bridge of Archeon.

Aerion married Mira Osanos, of House Osanos, and they had two children, Andura Calore and Marcas Calore II.

During this period, Nortan spies led by House Merandus and House Iral aided Prairie warlords in their border war with the Lakelands. Backed with money from the Nortan Treasury and the king himself, Prairie armies won valuable farmland in the Minnowan region and pushed the Lakelander border back across the Great River. King Aerion used this tactic to weaken Norta's closest neighbor, knowing that their two kingdoms would inevitably clash in the future.

Influenced by his mother, Elisabeta, and his grandmother, Helena Merandus, King Aerion decreed that the line of succession would depend on ability, not gender. Therefore his firstborn child, Andura, was heir to the throne, followed by her younger brother, Marcas II.[1]


As a Calore, Aerion was a burner.


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