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Albanus (colloquially known as the Stilts) is a Red village located on the banks of the Capital River.


The Stilts is ten miles downriver from the city of Summerton. Albanus is Mare Barrow's hometown. The village has a market where vendors sell their wares and goods from stalls. Villagers are required to attend a mandatory Feats of First Friday event each month.

The village got its name, the Stilts, for its high buildings, which rise on stilts ten feet off the ground. In spring, the lower bank is underwater, and in summer it is incredibly hot.

The Arena[]

The biggest structure in the Stilts is the arena used for First Fridays. The open-topped arena is made of soaring arches of steel and thousands of feet of concrete. There are no seats, just long concrete benches. The Silvers have cool, comfortable boxes above the benches. Inside their boxes, they have access to drinks, food, and ice, even in high summer. There are also cushioned chairs, electric lights, and other comforts denied to Reds. There are a few screechy video screens almost too bright and noisy to stand.[1] Many Reds gamble their earnings on the fights, hoping to win a little extra money.

Map of the Stilts


  • Albanus is based on Albany, New York.[2]


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