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Quote1.png Queens cast shadows too. Quote2.png
— Anabel Lerolan to Evangeline Samos in King's Cage

Anabel Lerolan is the former Queen of Norta, as well as the mother of the late King Tiberias VI and the grandmother of princes Tiberias VII and Maven.


Queen Song[]

Anabel is a member of House Lerolan and won King Tiberias Calore V's Queenstrial. She has only one son, Tiberias Calore VI, whom she loves dearly. According to her son Tiberias, Anabel does not like flowers or decorations, but she is a great patron of the arts in Archeon, like her husband's royal consort Robert Iral. She is a soldier, sitting in war councils more than her husband. She served as an officer at the front in the Lakelander War.

While there was discontent from the High Houses over the king's open relationship with Robert, Anabel did not disapprove as Robert was a kind man who brought happiness to her husband and friendship to her son. Anabel was ultimately left widowed when her husband died of cancer, leaving her son to become the new king and Coriane Jacos as his queen.

King's Cage[]

Mare Barrow, while a prisoner of the crown and forced to attend King Maven's wedding to Princess Iris Cygnet of the Lakelands, is summoned before Anabel, who attends the wedding and politely greets Iris. Anabel recognizes Mare is steadily worsening due to exposure to Silent Stone and expresses her wish she had met her during her time masquerading as "Mareena Titanos." Publicly she claims to believe the allegations that Cal murdered his father and betrayed his kingdom, all for Mare. Mare apologizes to Anabel for the loss of her son. While Anabel replies with her belief that Mare helped kill Tiberias VI, Mare senses she is lying for the sake of appearances in the presence of the Royal Court.

Later, when Corvium is successfully captured by the Guard and House Samos declared its independence from Norta and formed its own Kingdom of the Rift, Anabel acts as head of a delegation that travels to Ridge House - as leader of House Lerolan, she speaks for her family and their allies.

Anabel declares she will not support Volo Samos as a king while Cal lives - as Mare suspected, Anabel has not turned her back on her grandson and believes the throne of Norta belongs to him. Anabel had secretly promised House Lerolan's support to House Samos in their bid for independence, in return they would free Mare during a Scarlet Guard attack on the wedding - Cal secretly communicated with his grandmother from the Guard's new stronghold, risking execution by the Guard for doing so without authorization. Anabel agreed to her grandson's desperate request to save the girl he loves.

The former queen intimidates all present and asserts her true belief that her son's murder and grandson's exile are outrageous crimes committed by Elara Merandus, who had corrupted her other grandson Maven and used him to spread false propaganda throughout the kingdom. Further, whatever Cal's actions with the Guard, Anabel knows it was only to survive after everyone had turned on him. The tense situation is diffused when she confirms she will continue her support for House Samos. She then succeeds with gaining the support of House Samos and their allies for the rightful king of Norta to take back his kingdom from Maven, in exchange the Rift stands in sovereignty from Norta after Maven is removed, and Evangeline Samos marries Cal and becomes his queen, solidifying the alliance.

As Cal later explains to Mare, Anabel never came to court in the many years after Elara became queen, electing to remain in Delphie, her house's seat. She despised Elara and felt she could not be near her as she sensed her malevolent nature. Further, she knew Elara and Cal quite well, and so could see through the queen's lies she told to discredit Cal, and understood Maven's role in their father's death.

Anabel brings her assembled forces to Corvium to help defend the fortress from Maven's counterattack. After the battle is won, Anabel is present in the assembled leaders of the Guard, Rift and Montfort. After happily greeting Cal, she watches proudly as he unites them to change the existing social order between Reds and Silvers and defeat his brother. While Cal is against the idea of marrying Evangeline, Anabel calmly asserts her grandson must become the king he is meant to be.

Anabel declares Cal as the new King of Norta; King Tiberias VII.

Broken Throne[]

While Anabel is angry at first, she comes to accept Cal's abdication and tells him that instead of always trying to give others happiness, he should find happiness for his own. She doesn't particularly like Mare, but when she eventually gives Cal her blessing to find his own happiness, she is implicitly referring to him being with Mare.


Anabel can be a kind and loving person, but possesses a great deal of strength and intelligence. Evangeline notes that Anabel "does not know the name of fear."[1] She is ambitious and dedicated about getting Cal placed on the throne. She keeps a low profile in the kingdom's affairs, unlike many in the High Houses, but has an impressive record of achievements and a sense of honor and dignity. She loves her family greatly, and considers Cal a very talented boy. In turn Cal trusts and cares about his grandmother, who he calls "Nanabel" by force of habit. Every part of her is a calculated choice. Anabel can shut down everyone in the room when she voices her opinion, although her ability as an oblivion might have something to do with this. She is surprisingly level-headed for an aging Silver noble. She didn't mind her husband taking a male paramour and even defended him from the court's gossip and hostility. She is willing to ally with the Scarlet Guard and Montfort, despite her belief in Silver superiority.

Physical Description[]

Anabel is a shorter, older woman, with entirely gray hair and bronze eyes. She has a sturdy frame, with a thick waist and a severe appearance. Her face is lined with age and has an open, still, and patient expression. Waves of ferocity emanate from her nonetheless. When necessary, Anabel can have the look of a predator, never blinking and never distracted.


Anabel is a powerful oblivion who can cause explosions through touch.


It is said that Anabel prefers fighting gear over gowns. When she was queen, her crown was small because it was revealed by Robert Iral that she doesn't like jewels that much.