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Andura Calore was the eleventh ruler of Norta and the first ruling queen. Her reign lasted from February 2, 188 to September 27, 199 NE.


As the first ruling queen, Andura faced considerable opposition from the nobility and her government. She married through the first Princestrial, wedding a son of House Blonos, Brannon Blonos, who became her prince consort.

Queen Andura was a famed warrior and diplomat, able to hide Nortan involvement in the Prairie wars with the Lakelands. She maintained a shaky peace with the north while secretly building up her nation's armies, expanding Red conscription to include females as well as opening the military to any Silver woman who wished to enlist.

Andura's only child, Ambrosin Calore, did not inherit her burner abilities, and to maintain peace in the kingdom, she upheld her father's, King Aerion Calore, decree of succession. Her brother, Marcas Calore II, remained her heir until his death during a Red uprising in Harbor Bay. Similar uprisings were gaining strength in Norta, the Lakelands, and Piedmont, where Silver overlords struggled to maintain control of a larger Red population.[1]


As a Calore, Andura was a burner.


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