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Ara Iral was the head of House Iral. She was called "the Panther" because of her contribution in infiltrating Lakelander camps.


Queen Song[]

Along with the rest of her House, Ara was present during an evening feast, seated at the King's table. With her brother Robert as the king's paramour, House Iral was given privileges that Elara Merandus despised.

Red Queen[]

Lady Ara is introduced by her granddaughter, Sonya Iral, to Mare Barrow, who is posing as Lady Mareena Titanos. Mare finds her gaze to be worse than any camera, piercing straight through her. Lady Ara immediately begins questioning Mare and is certain that she can tell she's lying.

When Mare discussed Ara's suspicions to Maven, the prince promised to talk this over to his mother.

Glass Sword[]

Lady Ara has been in Corros Prison for not supporting Elara and King Maven Calore. When Mare, Cal, and the other newbloods raided the prison, Ara saves Mare's life. She fights against Ptolemus Samos. She breaks his jaw before he sends a long, thin blade, like a giant needle through her neck, killing her.


Ara is a spy and has thousands of secrets, hard-won in the shadows of war. She is confident and fierce. Her gaze is pure steel. Ara is mysterious and enigmatic. She has a reputation as a successful saboteur, and not even old age and imprisonment dampened her.

Physical Description[]

Ara is described as an older woman with coffee-colored skin and brown eyes with black hair shot with streaks of white. She is a formidable woman made of steel and shadow