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Ara Iral was the head of House Iral. She was called "the Panther" because of her contribution in infiltrating Lakelander camps.

Biography Edit

Reign of Tiberias V Edit

Along with the rest of her house, Ara was present during an evening feast, seated at the king's table. With her brother Robert as the king's paramour, House Iral was given privileges that Elara Merandus despised.

After the Queenstrial Edit

An aged Ara met Mare Barrow, who was posing as Mareena Titanos, when Sonya introduced the both of them to each other. At once, Ara successfully questioned Mare's lie and saw through the holes about her information. When Mare discussed Ara's suspicions to Maven, the prince promised to talk this over to his mother.

In Corros Prison Edit

During the prison escape in Corros, Ara appeared and fought against Ptolemus Samos, allowing Mare, Cal, and the rest of the Scarlet Guard to escape with the prisoners. It was an even match, until Ptolemus sent a metal needle to pierce through Ara's neck, killing her in the process.

Personality Edit

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Physical description Edit

Ara is described as an older woman with coffee-colored skin and brown eyes with black hair shot with streaks of white.

Abilities and skills Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

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