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Quote1.png Easy job, easy river. Quote2.png
— The code Ashe lives by, World Behind

Ashe is a Red Riverman who makes his living smuggling refugees and illegal goods. He is the captain of his keelboat and travels with a crew of three members, Big Ean, Gill and Riette.


Ashe is Freeland born and raised. He learned to swim when he learned to walk. At a young age, his mother used to read him stories from her old collection of books, gotten by his father on the river or traded on the docks, before he died. As a pastime, he used to be one of the children paddling the rafts. He lives by the motto "Easy job, easy river", which he learned from his father.

When he was 18, he earned his own boat, at the same time as his fellow captain, Hallow. Ever since, he and his crew take cargo, stolen crates of things from various countries, and sometimes people fleeing the Crownlands, down south or northwest. He and some other captains usually travel together, among them Hallow and Old Toby.

In 321 NE, Ashe transports Lyrisa and a Red family pleading for passage on the docks of the Ohius river. At first he is reluctant to let Lyrisa onto his boat because she is a Piedmont princess, but coalesces because she is paying ten fold. The family he chooses himself, because they are the ones with less chance of trouble.

Ashe tries to interact with the passengers the bare minimum, because it is easier for him that way. Nevertheless, he and his crew share some conversations with them, talking about rumors they have heard on the waters and on the port - gossip about the Nortan royalty a Red girl who has Silver abilities who goes by the name of Mare Barrow. Lyrisa and the Red servants aboard the keel make it clear that Mare was not with King Maven Calore of her own free will, rebuking Ashe who had mistakenly thought she sounded genuine in her broadcast.

Along the way, his keel is attacked by Orrian Cygnet who is trying to get Lyrisa back. The princess jumps into the water, risking her life to save the Red boy travelling with them, pulled underwater by Orrian's nymph ability. With Ashe and his crew's help, they manage to escape. Ashe is puzzled by Lyrisa's actions to save a Red and, despite knowing the risks, he decides to transfer the four members of the Red family to Hallow's boat and continues helping Lyrisa.

When Orrian and his Silver nobles eventually catch up to them and attack his boat again, he, Lyrisa and his crew put in motion the plan they had previously discussed and explode his keel. Lyrisa tosses Ashe off the keel to save him and his crew jumps into the water shortly after. Ashe waits with them on the bank of the river to see if there were any survivors, hoping Lyrisa made it out alive, but no one surfaces. Shortly after though, Lyrisa finds Ashe and Big Ean in the market town and approaches them, accepting the challenge to arm wrestle Big Ean, to Ashe's delight.[1]


Despite Ashe's deep hatred for Silvers, he does not deny them transport on his keel, for what matters is the coin the passengers pay, no matter the color of their blood. He prefers smuggling cargo than passengers, because cargo does not complain. When he does transport passengers, the kids always seem to gravitate to him and he continuously lets them. He does not care for rumors. Ashe is said to have a prowl to him. He is unafraid, not showing fear even in the close presence of dangerous Silvers. As a Riverman, he always felt safest on the water.

Physical Description[]

Ashe has brown eyes, brown skin with dark freckles and brown hair, which he pulls into a tail. He is tall, muscled and has lean shoulders and a broad stance. His hands and arms have been scarred and river-worn from years of service working on his keel. He has a gold incisor replacing a tooth he lost during a fight that he won, a matching set with Hallow.


Ashe had a long but thin keelboat, about twenty feet across at its widest point and less than a hundred long from end to end, with the cargo hold and the captain's quarters taking everything below deck. He lost the river boat when he and his crew exploded it to survive Orrian, while helping Lyrisa. He always carries a pistol with him.



Ashe's and Hallow's fathers used to work together downriver and died together too. Ashe and Hallow got their boats at the same time and often travel the river together. Ashe always lets Hallow pick his passengers first. When Ashe's keel is attacked by Orrian, Hallow helps him by transporting the Red family on Ashes boat.

Keel crew[]

He is close friends with the three members of his crew, Big Ean, Gill and Riette. They have each other's backs and the crew constantly teases Ashe about him being "smitten" by Lyrisa.


Even though Ashe hates Silvers, he finds himself pulled to Lyrisa and wants to help her despite all the risks she brings him and his crew. They share many conversations on the keel and she makes him wonder if the Silvers are really all born cruel as he used to think. He helps her escape and kill Orrian Cygnet, who he despises more than the other Silvers. During the attack that leads to Orrian's death, Ashe feels guilty for holding a gun to Lyrisa's head when playing his part of the plan and hopes she will forgive him. Lyrisa tosses him off the boat when it explodes, to save him. When he thinks she did not make it out alive of the explosion in the boat, he wishes he could have shown her the Gates. Later, he his happy to discover she is alive.


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