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Belicos Lerolan was an oblivion and a member of House Lerolan.

Biography Edit

Belicos was one of the targets who was successfully killed in the Sun Shooting by members of the Scarlet Guard. He was one of the targets who inflicted the most guilt to Mare. He was a diplomat, an ambassador to their allies in Piedmont. Maven said that without him, Norta's ties to that country and their armies would be cut off, forcing Norta to stand alone.

Mare mentioned that she felt guilty killing him because he had a wife and two five-year old twin sons. It was later mentioned that Lerolan's two young sons were also killed along with him.

Personality Edit

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Physical description Edit

Belicos had chestnut colored hair with a jolly grin and a warm disposition. Mare noted that he was one of the only Silvers she had met that seemed truly kind.

Abilities and skills Edit

Belicos was an oblivion who could cause explosions by contact.

Trivia Edit

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References Edit

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