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Bess Blonos was a blood healer and the Protocol instructor to the children of the High Houses.


Lady Blonos taught Protocol to the Silver children at the palace. She was assigned to instruct Mare Barrow when she was made to be Lady Mareena Titanos. Lady Blonos taught Mare how to have correct posture, the rules of court, and the hierarchy among the High Houses, educating her with the names, protocols, and etiquette she would be expected to know as a Silver princess.

Lady Blonos was executed by Maven because she knew Mare was not really a Silver.[1]


Lady Blonos was a stern and strict woman who did not tolerate ill-manners, going to the point of chastising Mare for her tardiness or improper posture as she worked to mold her into a future Princess of Norta.

Physical Description[]

Mare's description upon meeting her is: "Lady Blonos is over fifty years old, but her skin is smooth and shockingly tight over her bones. Her hair is perfectly white, slicked back, and her eyebrows seem fixed in a constant state of shock, arched on her unwrinkled forehead. Everything about her is wrong, from her too-full lips to the sharp, unnatural slap of her nose. Only her gray eyes look alive. The rest is fake. She was able to use her ability to heal or change herself into this monstrous thing in an attempt to look younger, prettier, better."[1]


As a member of House Blonos, Bess was a blood healer, meaning she had the ability to heal herself from almost all wounds and disease.


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