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-**SFitzphie**- -**SFitzphie**- 25 September 2020

Our First Bi-Weekly Newsletter!

Hello All!

     Welcome to our first Bi-Weekly newsletter! We will be giving you these bi-weekly updates, to inform you about the Movies, upcoming wiki updates, events, and changes! There are going to be some really cool stuff in here! 

     To start off, I would like to introduce myself. I am -**SFitzphie**-, but you can call me Cole. I am a brand new Administrator / Bureaucrat and will be bringing some really cool things to the wiki!

     For our first newsletter, our Staff has compiled a list of really cool upcoming events, check them out!

  • 1 Movies
  • 2 Achievements
  • 3 Voting
  • 4 Announcements
  • 5 Coding
  • 6 Events!!!
  • 7 Staff

     The Red Queen movie has not changed much other than in July, Victoria Averyard, said that it is still in the works so there still is ho…

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-**SFitzphie**- -**SFitzphie**- 25 September 2020


Hello Everyone!

 I learned a lot of things these last few days about the settings of the wiki and was very surprised to see that even article comments are disabled. So I have redone a lot of the settings and added a lot of new things.


 Achievements have been added, and started October 31, 2020, at the end of every month, the top three ranked people will get a shoutout, and a special rank!

Main Page

 The Main Page has been updated for a fresh new look and I will now be doing weekly polls so check every Monday for a new Poll!

The New Wiki Tab

 Click on the Wiki to find out new things, guidelines, administration, and voting! Yes, Voting is now a thing! Come vote to choose things for your community!

Thank you!

- Cole 20:00, September 25, …

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-**SFitzphie**- -**SFitzphie**- 23 September 2020

New Changes

Hello All!

     I am a new admin on this wiki, and I am happy to announce that I will be doing some new changes to the wiki, giving it a brand new look and a newer feel. I will also be adding a lot more information to the pages! This is very important, so I am going to go through every page, and reorganize it, add more information, and more.

     Finally, I want to ask everyone if we should add achievements. What does everyone think of this? Let me know.

Thank you.
- Cole 20:42, September 23, 2020 (UTC)

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Charo Morales Charo Morales 10 August 2020


Hi, im new in this wikifandom and in the Red Queen books, im finishing the second one, Glass Sword, and i was wondering if any of you had any idea if theres going to be a movie or somethimg. I search and i read that yes, but it was supossed to come out in 2018/2019 and nothing happend so i wanted to know if you knew anything else. Sorry to bother but its that im loving these books and i am very exited for a movie - C.

Hola, soy nueva en este wikifandom y en los libros de La Reina Roja, estoy terminando el segundo, Espada de Cristal, y me preguntaba si alguno de ustedes tenia alguna idea de si habrá una película o algo así. Busqué y leí que sí, pero se suponía que saldría en 2018/2019 y no pasó nada, así que quería saber si sabían algo…

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Shimazu Sumiko Shimazu Sumiko 1 April 2020

Potential Adoption

Hello everyone. I've noticed that there is a lot of work to be done around here; pages that should be deleted, the navigation needs to be revamped, etc. Unfortunately, these changes can't be done by regular users. And the only admins this wiki has are inactive and have been for, at least, a couple years.

I was thinking about adopting this wiki so I could be granted admin rights. (You can read about the wiki adoption process here.)

Questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to discuss below.

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Lilith, Your Worst Nightmare Lilith, Your Worst Nightmare 10 February 2020

What I think Each Red Queen Character looks like

So, I was thinking that describing characters in red queen, some of the features are apart of my imagination.


  • Black hair

  • Shaggy hair

  • Gold eyes

  • Brod shoulders

  • Lots of scares

  • Crooked smile

  • Almond-shaped eyes 

  • Vary few freckles

  • Rectangular jaw

  • Tall (about 6 feet tall) 


  • Black hair

  • Perfectly cut hair

  • Blue eyes

  • Narrow frame

  • Perfect smile

  • Chiseled features

  • Round eyes

  • Average hight (About 5 foot 9)

  • High cheekbones

  • Pointed chin


  • Brown hair that fades to gray

  • Long hair

  • Brown eyes

  • Old scares on hands and knees

  • Short (about 5 foot 2)

  • Narrow frame

  • Freckles

  • Almond-shaped eyes

  • Bronze skin

  • Button nose


  • Silver hair

  • Hair goes down to her waist

  • Almond-shaped eyes

  • Black eyes

  • Slanted eyes

  • Curvy

  • Strong jaw

  • Large K-9 teeth

  • Pouty lips

  • Thick eyelashes

  • Average hight (About 5 foot 5)

  • Que…

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SaviourOfNewYork SaviourOfNewYork 27 April 2016


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Asnow89 Asnow89 25 July 2014

Red Queen Film Rights

GREAT NEWS! Victoria Aveyard's book Red Queen, which isn't even out yet-- we have to wait until 2015 (tears), already had its film rights optioned by Universal Pictures. Victoria signed her book contract and sold the film rights on the same day. I think that's a good sign that the book will be a hit! Red Queen (film)

We can't wait for the book to come out in 2015. What have you heard about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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