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Quote1.png "I've lost dozens to the search for my son and daughter." Quote2.png
— High Prince Bracken to Maven Calore and Iris Cygnet in War Storm

Prince Bracken of the Lowcountry is a mimic and the ruling High Prince of Piedmont.


Bracken's children, Prince Michael and Princess Charlotta, were held hostage in Monfort for months, and in return for their safety Piedmont was forced to allow Montfort access to their resources. This has cost Piedmont millions. Montfort has not only taken one of their military bases in the Lowcountry, but also guns, jets, and food stores. Whatever resources Bracken has left almost spent, leaving him desperate.

King's Cage[]

Prince Alexandret and Prince Daraeus visit Whitefire Palace in order to speak with Mare Barrow who is imprisoned there by King Maven Calore. They believe she has information about the location of Bracken's children.

War Storm[]

High Prince Bracken meets with Queen Iris Cygnet and King Maven Calore to discuss an alliance against Montfort, the Rift, and the Scarlet Guard. He provides all the information he has gathered on Montfort. Iris notes that Bracken is eating up the performance Maven gives him about rescuing his children. Iris informs Maven and Bracken that she will be leading the team to rescue his children. Her family knew that Iris needed to be the one to return his children to him, so that his allegiance would be with her instead of Maven.

Bracken is later present during the meeting of Maven and his allies and Cal and his allies. When Cal demands Maven's surrender, Bracken informs him that he "didn't come all this way, at such haste, to entertain nonsense."[1] He finds Cal's support of Red equality ridiculous. It is unknown if he took part in the Lakelanders' plan to betray Maven. However, he is unsettled by the way in which Queen Cenra Cygnet and Iris kill Salin Iral.


He is said to fear no one but his children. He clearly loves his children and is desperate to get them back from Montfort. He appears to also care for the Silver nobles who have sworn their allegiance to him. There is true sorrow laced beneath the anger when he discusses them with Iris and Maven. He hates losing more than just about anything.

Physical Description[]

High Prince Bracken is very tall, black-skinned, with a smooth complexion, full lips, black hair, and eyes like two polished stones of jet. He carries no weapons at all. He is also less reliant on style than other Silver rulers. His clothes are finely made, dark purple edged in gold, but he wears no crown, furs, or jewels. He has the muscular physique of a strongarm, but he is a mimic. He has a deep, rumbling voice. His smile has a hard edge. His laugh is comforting and warm.


Bracken is a powerful mimic who can temporarily use the abilities of others to a lesser extent.


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