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Prince Bracken is a mimic and one of the Princes of Piedmont.

Biography Edit

Bracken was one of the Princes of Piedmont.

Bracken's children were held hostage in Monfort, and in return for their safety Piedmont would allow the Scarlet Guard to use their base and provide them with resources.

War Storm Edit

In an attempt to sway Piedmont closer to the Lakelander side, Iris Cygnet rescues Bracken's children.

Bracken is later present during the meeting of Maven and Cal and surrounding troupes. It is unknown if he took park in the Lakelanders plan to betray Maven.

Personality Edit

Bracken in the books has an enormous ego. He is said to fear no one but his children.

Physical description Edit

Bracken has ashy blond hair and icy blue eyes as described in the book.

Abilities and skills Edit

Bracken is a powerful mimic who can temporarily mimic the abilities of others to a lesser extent.

Relationships Edit

Bracken as mentioned in the book has remarried twice after the first two produced no heirs. He has two children who he loves dearly.

Trivia Edit

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