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Bree Barrow is one of Mare Barrow's older brothers.

Biography Edit

Bree was the first to be conscripted into the army at the age of 18, like all Reds who are not under some kind of tutelage. He was the one who started the tradition of giving one pair of earring to his youngest sisters. He had been a soldier for five years until Mare requested his and Tramy's release home, which is covered as an "honorable discharge".

Personality Edit

Bree is the typical older brother who bullied his younger siblings. He and Tramy would always tease Shade for his short stature. He is protective of Mare, especially when he first meets Cal, in Red Queen. Overall he tends to be very playful and childish with his family.

Physical description Edit

When Bree is first seen by Mare for the first time in five years, he described as "a pile of muscle" with scars worn from war. His dark hair is closely shaved and in terms of height, "a giant".

Trivia Edit

  • Bree was conscripted in 316 NE.
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