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Bright Shadow is an additional scene included in the collector's edition of Glass Sword. It is told from Shade Barrow's perspective and takes place after the assault on Naercey, while the main characters are on the submarine.


After escaping the attack of Maven Calore and the Nortan army in Naercey, and being injured while protecting his sister Mare Barrow, Shade wakes on the submarine's infirmary, on the way to Tuck Island.

Diana Farley is by his bedside and the two of them share a conversation about the status of their growing relationship, the future of newbloods and Mare in the Scarlet Guard, and the repercussions of their failed mission in Archeon.

This short story gives a better insight into Farley and Shade's relationship, as Shade remembers how it started and as they share how they feel for each other.