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Burners are Silvers who can manipulate heat and fire, but not create it. They require a spark, usually from special bracelets, to enable them to manipulate their element. Burners are destructive, powerful controllers of heat and fire. They are immune to hot temperatures and are not harmed by fire or explosions.

Usually burners wear flameproof clothes, so that when they are using and controlling flames, their clothes can hold in one piece.

Calore Kings used to burn dissenters with nothing more than a flaming touch. There are also Newblood equivalents of burners, who can create fire and do not need their element to exist in their proximity in order to manipulate it.


"Burners are elementals, manipulators of fire and temperature, although open flame requires an existing spark or separate flame to feed from. Burners are best known as the scions of House Calore, the dynastic rulers of Norta for over three hundred years." - On Silverblooded Abilities by Victoria Aveyard

Notable Houses[]