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Caesar Calore II was the sixth King of Norta. His reign lasted from May 30, 107 to December 9, 118 NE.


When Caesar succeeded his father to the throne he was not yet of age. Thus his grandmother, Dowager Queen Iranne Cygnet, and his mother, Queen Irina Calore, ruled as his regents.

His uncle, Prince Fyrion Calore, objected to a foreign ruler, meaning Iranne, and claimed that he would be better suited to the throne. Fyrion and his wife, Lady Crestina Titanos, led a civil war against Caesar. They were backed by House Titanos. The Dowager Queen, Queen Regent, and Princess Caesera Samos were eventually able to triumph. The support of House Samos was integral to keeping Caesar II in power.

As a result, Prince Fyrion was executed for his attempt to usurp the throne, and his infant son, Prince Crest Calore, was exiled from Norta.

Caesar II was a sickly boy, constantly watched by House Skonos guards because he required blood healing regularly. He is described as having "rotted away," dying at age twenty-five. He had no children, and it is rumored that his illness was due to his parents being first cousins.[1]


As a Calore, Caesar II was a burner.


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