Cameron Cole

Co-bloodspeaker of Norta




January 3, 305 NE
New Town





  • Power Negation
  • Sensory Removal
  • Neurocognitive Deficit

Scarlet Guard






Cameron Cole is a Red who possess a Silver Ability due to a mutation.

Biography Edit

Glass SwordEdit

Cameron Cole is a newblood found by the resistance when Jon, a seer, directs Mare Barrow to find her. She is a techie from the slums of New Town, unable to conscript before the new Measures. Kidnapped by the resistance before she can save her brother, Morrey, she is the first newblood to not be given a choice whether or not to join the Scarlet Guard.

She finds Mare's willingness to sacrifice the child soldiers at The Choke hypocritical. She believes Mare is like the Silvers in how she prioritizes Newbloods over Reds. Her ability manifests when she is attacked by Mare; she is scared by them and decides to stay with the Scarlet Guard both to learn to control her powers and because she does not have much of a choice. Because she escaped Corros Prison and knows its layout, she is also forced to help break into Corros Prison to save Julian, Sara and the other Silvers and Newbloods. She also can silence the guards with her abilities.

Her first kill occurs during the Corros Prison attack.

Personality Edit

Described by Nanny as having "superhuman rudeness" and Mare as "disarmingly stern", Cameron is brutally honest and able to see through situations clearly despite her young age. She was traumatized by her time as a worker in Newtown and her imprisonment. Though she is a Newblood and her ability is prized, she does not forget consider herself above Reds.

Physical description Edit

Cameron is a beautiful girl, with dark hair and dark skin, described to be a "rich color of blackwood bark". In contrast to Mare, Cameron is tall and lean, with long and crooked fingers due to excessive work as a techie. She has tattoos on her neck and around her throat, with the identification numbers NT-ARSM-188907. Cameron wears her hair in braids.


Cameron's ability to silence ranges from taking away a Silver's inherent ability to slowing someone's pulse and darkening of eyes as well as making their temperature drop several degrees. She can take away someone's five senses: sight, hearing, scent, touch, and taste. She can also kill with her silence.

Relationships Edit

Due to being kidnapped and forced to work with the resistance instead of save her brother, she takes an instant dislike to Mare and those with her. Mare later comes to admire Cameron and thinks they may become friends. As of Glass Sword, Cameron is not interested.

In War Storm, Mare thinks that Cameron and Kilorn have something going on. Although it is not directly stated, it seems that Kilorn and Cameron are in fact fond of each other.

Trivia Edit

  • Parts of King's Cage is told from her perspective.
  • Cameron has a twin called Morrey, in the Dagger Legion.

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