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Cameron Cole is a newblood with the ability of a silent, meaning she can nullify the abilities of others.


Glass Sword[]

Cameron Cole is a newblood found by the resistance when Jon, a seer, directs Mare Barrow to find her. She is a techie from the slums of New Town, unable to conscript before the new Measures. Kidnapped by the resistance before she can save her brother, Morrey, she is the first newblood to not be given a choice whether or not to join the Scarlet Guard.

She finds Mare's willingness to sacrifice the child soldiers at the Choke to be hypocritical. She believes Mare is like the Silvers in that she prioritizes newbloods over Reds. Her ability manifests when she is attacked by Mare; she is scared by her ability and decides to stay with the Scarlet Guard, both to learn to control her powers and because she does not have much of a choice. Because she escaped Corros Prison and knows its layout, she is also forced to help break into Corros Prison to save Julian Jacos, Sara Skonos, and the other Silvers and Newbloods. She uses her ability on the prison guards. Her first kill occurs during the Corros Prison attack.

King's Cage[]

Cameron is present at Corvium after the Guard captures the city. When she learns that a group of Silvers are holding Red soldiers from the Dagger Legion as captives, she immediately concocts a plan to break them free, because her brother is from the Dagger Legion.

Together with Farley and another newblood, Cameron frees the group of Reds by causing a distraction. She kills two strongarm guards with her ability to do so. She finds and frees her brother, but when he learns that she's with the Scarlet Guard, he turns on her momentarily.

At the Piedmont base, she and Morrey spend more time together.

War Storm[]

Cameron spends most of her time in Piedmont with her brother, but she eventually helps the Scarlet Guard free New Town and is reunited with her parents.

Broken Throne[]

It is revealed that Kilorn and Cameron are pursuing a romantic relationship. Cameron is in the Nortan States helping with reconstruction. She and Kilorn exchange letters, but both of them place their duties before each other.

After the Dancing War, Cameron is elected as a blood speaker to represent newbloods in the Nortan States' government.


Described by Nanny as having "superhuman rudeness" and Mare as "disarmingly stern," Cameron is brutally honest and able to see through situations clearly. She was traumatized by her time as a worker in New Town and her imprisonment in Corros Prison. Though she is a newblood and her ability is prized, she does not consider herself above Reds. She is fiercely loyal to her own family and wants to improve life for Reds everywhere, especially in tech towns. Cameron often serves as a voice of reason for those around her.[1]

Physical Description[]

Cameron has dark, coiled hair and skin described to be the "rich color of blackwood bark." Cameron is tall and lean, with long and crooked fingers due to excessive work as a techie. She has tattoos on her neck and around her throat, with the identification numbers NT-ARSM-188907. She often wears her hair in braids.


Cameron has the mutation that grants her a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. She is a silent. Like Silvers with this ability, Cameron can take away a Silver or newblood's abilities. However, she is also much more powerful than a silent Silver. Cameron's ability shuts a person down entirely. Their pulse slows, their eyes darken, and their temperature drops. She can do all this by sight alone.


Morrey Cole[]

Cameron and Morrey are twins. Cameron cares deeply for her brother and is loyal to him and their parents above all else, including the Scarlet Guard. She is extremely protective of Morrey, and is willing to risk her own life to keep him safe.

Mare Barrow[]

Cameron and Mare are often at odds. Their relationship begins poorly, but they develop respect for one another, and a real friendship later in the series. Cameron points out to Mare that her decision to prioritize finding newbloods in order to topple the Silver Elite will only result in the newbloods taking over from the Silvers as the oppressors of the Reds.

Sara Skonos[]

Cameron and Sara have a good relationship. While Cameron dislikes Julian Jacos, Sara's friend and eventual partner, she enjoys being in Sara's company. Sara often lets Cameron practice her ability on her.

Kilorn Warren[]

Cameron and Kilorn begin a romantic relationship. However both them believe in putting their duties before their relationship. After the Nortan Civil War, Kilorn goes to Montfort, while Cameron stays in the Nortan States to help with the reconstruction efforts.


  • Cameron was the first character other than Mare to have a point of view.