Cantos Carros is a strongarm from House Carros

Biography[edit | edit source]

Red Queen[edit | edit source]

Cantos is from Harbor Bay. He fights against Samson Merandus in the August Feats of First Friday in Mare Barrow's village, the Stilts.

Cantos Carros participating in Feats of First Friday while Mare Barrow and Kilorn Warren watch.

Cantos fights with a short, wide sword. At the start of the fight, he barrels forward like a bull. He gets hold of Samson's leg and tosses him across the arena like he weighs nothing. Cantos then heaves Samson skyward and he hits the sand in a heap. Cantos goes to attack Samson again when Samson uses his whisper ability to take control of his mind. Cantos tries to fight Samson's power, but can't. Samson makes Cantos plunge his sword into his own stomach. This ends the battle.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Cantos looks like a typical strongarm. He has arms like tree trunks, corded, veined, and straining against his own skin. All his teeth are gone or broken.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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