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Quote1.png I don't care to know what path you're leading us down, so long as you think it's the right one. Quote2.png
— Cara to Diana Farley, Steel Scars

Cara Elson was a Red and a member of the Scarlet Guard.


Cara was born in the The Kingdom of the Lakelands and at some point joined the Scarlet Guard.

She was part of Farley's team on Operation Red Web, with the goal to infiltrate and introduce the Scarlet Guard into Norta. During the mission, Cara was assigned to broadcast the messages between the operatives of the Scarlet Guard, and between Captain Farley and Command. She always carried her radio close.

When the Scarlet Guard's safe house near Corvium was attacked, she fled into the woods but did not manage to escape and was killed by Silvers.[1]


Cara was very loyal and friendly with Farley. She respected the hierarchy of the Scarlet Guard and did not pry even when she knew something was afoot, trusting her captain fully. She was used to the warm weather.

Physical description[]

Cara was fair-haired, typical of Lakelanders, and used glasses.


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