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Carmadon is a greenwarden from the Free Republic of Montfort. He is married to Dane Davidson.


War Storm[]

Mare Barrow meets Carmadon when she arrives in Montfort for the first time as part of the delegation that includes Cal, Anabel, Farley, and Evangeline. Carmadon is hosting a dinner to welcome everyone to Montfort. Mare notes that Carmadon doesn't seem to notice or care that everyone is hell-bent on hating one another. Carmadon is highly entertained by the tension between Mare and Cal during the welcome dinner he hosts.

Broken Throne[]

Carmadon tends to the garden and that is where Evangeline spends most of her days trying not to think of her father or her ability. Carmadon does his best to try and help her.


Carmadon is a kind and caring person. He plans the events that are hosted by Davidson. He is funny and tries to put others at ease. He has an easy air about him. Carmadon is friendly and open. He is the opposite of Davidson, and an open book.

Physical Description[]

Carmadon is described as having dark skin, with black eyes, and is perfectly bald. He has a kind voice and an even kinder face. His smile is like a white crescent.


Carmadon is a powerful greenwarden who can manipulate plants. While he describes himself as a "humble" greenwarden, he is incredibly talented and has used his ability to decorate the entire Premier's house in flowers and plants.


Dane Davidson[]

Carmadon is married to Montfort's Premier Dane Davidson