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Cenra Cygnet is the Queen of the Lakelands and the wife of King Orrec Cygnet.


War Storm[]

Queen Cenra waits with her daughters to bury her husband when King Maven Calore brings his body home after he died at the battle of Corvium at the hands of Lord Salin Iral.

Later, she speaks to Iris and Tiora about their alliance with the Kingdom of Norta and Maven. They make a plan to avenge the king. They agree that Norta and the Rift will tear each other apart, allowing the Lakelands to conquer both kingdoms. They will rescue Prince Bracken's children from Montfort, which will bring Piedmont to their side.

She and Iris meet with Anabel Lerolan shortly after.


Cenra is a calm person, much like her daughter Iris. She seems to care a lot about her family and that they stay as close as possible. She is afraid of losing Iris, which she shows after the funeral, asking her to stay in the Lakelands. Her love for Iris is why she ends he battle in Archeon, when it becomes clear that Iris' safety is not guaranteed. Though, she doesn't like to be questioned and always acts like the queen she is. Cenra is very smart, has an ear for languages, and an eye for diplomacy. Iris describes her as "duty and honor personified. Clear-eyed, unyielding, a mother to her entire kingdom as well as her children. The resolve beneath her still surface is as strong as any storm."[1] Iris also claims her mother is not vain and doesn't have a materialistic pride like most Silver nobles. But she is prideful and arrogant.

Physical Description[]

Cenra has caramel brown skin, straight black hair, and mahogany eyes. Iris says that she looked older when she met her again after a few months, probably because of all the things that happened. She is smaller than Iris. She has a plain face.


Cenra is a nymph, meaning she can control water with her mind. She is very powerful. For example, during her husband's funeral she uses her ability to make her tears hover in the air to form a cloud of crystal droplets that catch the spreading light of dawn. One by one, the cloud grows and the tears turn steadily, flashing in time, sending faint rainbows across her skin, making it seem as if diamonds were born from her broken heart.


Orrec Cygnet[]

Orrec came from a lesser branch of the Cygnet Line who ended up marry the ruling queen of the Lakelands. While they initially didn’t love each other, they grew to love each other over time, and she was heartbroken when he died.

Iris Cygnet[]

After Orrec's death, Cenra was more afraid of her daughter Iris staying in Norta alone with Maven. She implied more than once that she doesn't want to lose her children, too. Iris appears to return her mother's affections but knows she must return to Norta with Maven.

Tiora Cygnet[]

Tiora is Cenra's heir and because of that, she spent more time with her than with Iris. Tiora seems to be well-suited to being queen and has a close relationship with her mother.


  • According to Victoria Aveyard, many Lakelanders, especially the royal family, are descendants of the First Nations and French-Canadians.[2]