Conscription is a mandatory military service for Reds who are of a certain age and not apprenticed.

Description[edit | edit source]

The conscription age used to be eighteen until the Sun Shooting caused by the Scarlet Guard lowered it to fifteen. All conscripted Reds are put in the front lines and led by high-ranking Silvers.

Apprenticed Reds, or Reds who possess conscription waivers, are exempted from being drafted. However, if apprenticed Reds lose their Master without completing their training and cannot get new work, they will be eligible for conscription again if they reach conscription age.

Both of Mare Barrow's older brothers are conscripted. They managed to escape before they lost their lives. Mare's father also survived being conscripted, but he was confined to a wheelchair as a result of his injuries.

When Cal becomes king, he ends conscription entirely. He also allows freedom of movement for Reds, increases pay, and improves working conditions. As a result, the Nortan army falls to forty-six percent strength.

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