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Quote1.png Children taken from their mothers, soldiers sent to slaughter, countless generations of slavery. Each and everyone of them sent you. Quote2.png
— Corporal Eastree to Diana Farley, Steel Scars

Corporal Eastree is a Red and a member of the Scarlet Guard.


Corporal Eastree was born in Norta and conscripted into the army. She was a corporal in the Tower Legion, a support troop conscripted to Corvium.

Scarlet Guard[]

At the time of Operation Red Web, Corporal Eastree led a group of soldiers, among them Shade Barrow, to meet with the Scarlet Guard captain, Farley, sent by Will Whistle.

After their meeting, Farley suggests that she be recruited to the Scarlet Guard more than once.[1]


Eastree is described as eager, angry and as having a stern resolve.

Physical description[]

Eastree is bald and has gray eyes. She has lines of weariness on her face and a "jaw like an anvil".[1] She is missing both her trigger fingers.


  • Corporal Eastree has falsified documents to fake the deaths of Red soldiers.[1]


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