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Corros Prison is a secret prison facility located on the outskirts of the Wash in Norta.


Corros is located past Delphie and is near the Wash, where the radiation can be smelt. The Wash is the region that forms a natural barrier between Norta to the north and Piedmont to the south.

The prison is a squat, unassuming compound. There is no exterior decoration, not even windows. There is a small skylight in the ceiling. It's just a single, flat brick of concrete stretching out into the abandoned fields of the wasteland that is the Wash.[1] Corros is gray and has a distinct feeling of hopelessness about it. The entrance is a single, black-iron door set flush against the wall. It has no hinges, lock, or handle.

The entrance hall is made of stark, blinding-white tiles. Prisoners are kept isolated, one person per cell. There is not much light and prisoners are not given much food. Each block of the prison is a big square with four flights of cells lining the walls. There are catwalks connecting the different levels, all tangled, and the magnetrons pull them back at night. Magnetrons also are the ones able to open the cells. There are four gates on the top level, one in each wall. In essence, the prison block looks like a square pit. There are at least four prison blocks. Each block is staggered, one block of newbloods then one block of Silvers.


Houses that have guards working at Corros Prison include Haven, Osanos, Provos, Macanthos, Eagrie, Iral, and Samos.

This prison is used by Queen Elara and Maven Calore to keep the newbloods and rebelling Silver Elite, so that Elara can control and use them the way she wants to. The prison has many cells and each cell contains Silent Stone, a substance used to suppress Silver and newblood abilities.