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Quote1.png As you enter, you pray to leave. As you leave, you pray to never return. Quote2.png
— On the Entrance Gate to Corvium, King's Cage

Corvium is a military, fortress city in the Kingdom of Norta. It is situated close to the Choke and on the borders of Lake Tarion.


Corvium was made to withstand battle. The city is organized like a wheel, with roads like spokes, all branching from the central square, used to muster armies and stage executions. The Iron Road passes straight through the city, from east to west.

The city has black granite walls, spiked with iron as well as other "weapons" to be used by Silvers. The dozen or so large stone watchtowers in the center are coiled up with thick vines and full of heavy guns and artillery. A moat of dark water fed by piping rings the entire city and mirrors are placed between the metal prongs of the parapets. Behind the walls, the buildings are black, tipped in gold and silver, and rise high, made tall in the cramped space.[1]

After the major battle in Corvium, the city is turned into a ruin.[2]


All conscripted soldiers must pass through Corvium on the way to the Choke.[3]

Sometime during his first year of military service, Shade Barrow was assigned to the Tower Legion, a support troop conscripted to Corvium. In 320 NE, he meets captain Diana Farley and becomes a spy for the Scarlet Guard, working from inside the military fortress to gather intelligence and to help the Guard infiltrate into Norta.[1]

When the Scarlet Guard makes and releases a broadcast that reveals the death of Elara Merandus and Maven Calore's imprisonment of newbloods and Silver nobles, Red riots ensue in the fortress city. After several Scarlet Guard attacks, the Guard eventually manages to taken over control of Corvium.[4]

Upon the Guard's victory, Cal brings some Silvers under his protection by convincing them to surrender, while many others are killed or flee the city. After learning that a group of Silvers have refused to surrender, and have taken a group of Red soldiers as hostages and locked themselves in one of Corvium's towers, including Cameron Cole's brother, Cameron makes a plan to rescue them. She infiltrates the tower with the help of Farley and, along with the illusionist Harrick, they successfully rescue the Dagger Legion soldiers, killing many Silvers during the attack.[5]

Later on, the Scarlet Guard and Montfort learn that King Maven and the Lakelands are planning to retake Corvium. Their soldiers travel to the military fortress to fight Maven's troops. A major battle is held and with the help of the Kingdom of the Rift and the rebelling Houses, they successfully defeat Maven's army. Orrec Cygnet is killed during the attempt.

After the rebel coalition emerges victorious from the battle, the Red and Silver alliance proclaims Tiberias VII as the true King of Norta. The alliance then decides that it does not make tactical sense to hold onto Corvium. Since they do not want Maven to retake it either, they decide to completely destroy the city, turning Corvium into a ruin.[2]