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Crance is a member of the Scarlet Guard and a former Mariner.


At some point, Crance joined the Mariners and started working as a smuggler in Harbor Bay, transporting goods and people in exchange of payment.

Steel Scars[]

At the time of Operation Red Web, Crance is working a supply convoy in Rocasta, as an inside man for the Mariners. He attends the Feats of First Friday in the Arena Rocasta with three other companions and places bets on a Silver champion. Shortly after, he smuggles a Scarlet Guard captain, Diana Farley, in Rocasta, in exchange for a good amount of money. He then helps save a Guard operative, Shade Barrow, from execution and starvation in the Choke. He catches Shade stealing food but lets him, and they create a friendship on the journey from the Choke, eluding Security and the legions.

Glass Sword[]

Later that year, Crance betrays Mare Barrow and her team when they ask the Mariners for access through the city, under Egan's orders, because of Maven Calore's blackmail. While in the underground tunnels, Shade and Farley realize that Crance is leading them to a trap and a scuffle takes place. The tunnels collapse and the three members of the Mariners accompanying Crance die, while he flees with Mare's team.

When they surface in Harbor Bay, the team is followed by the Seaskulls, the Mariners' rivals. They attack and beat up Crance and Shade, as a crowd gathers around them to cheer. Shade eventually gets them both away from the Seaskulls and Crance runs off, feeling like he cannot go back to the Mariners after the three friends he helped kill. He continues helping Farley and the others, joining the Scarlet Guard.


Crance is agile, being able to cut through a crowd easily despite his size. Shade describes Crance as a "smuggler with a heart of gold".[1]

Physical description[]

Crance has dark, umber skin and vividly blue eyes. Crance is burly, with massive arms and a barrel chest. Mare notes that he looks like a dockworker or a brawler. He has a tattoo of a blue-black anchor, surrounded by red, swirling rope, on his arm, the symbol of the Mariners. He has a coarse voice and a thick accent - hard vowels and missing r's, distinct of Harbor Bay.


  • Crance calls Shade 'Rabbit'.[2]
  • Crance has a whistle to identify him to the Scarlet Guard.[2]


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