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Cristobel is a Red and a member of the Scarlet Guard.


Cristobel was born in the The Kingdom of the Lakelands and used to work serving in a Trial mansion as a young girl. When she was twelve years old, a Silver master punished her for supposedly "smirking" at him and knocked out her teeth.

Cristobel is part of Captain Farley's team on Operation Red Web, with the goal to infiltrate and introduce the Scarlet Guard into Norta. She is a spotter along with Little Coop and they are constantly high up in the trees outside their safe house near Corvium, on the lookout. They constantly fail to spot Shade Barrow, due to his teleportation ability. During missions, Cristobel is often assigned to over watch as well, covering high ground.

When the Scarlet Guard's safe house is attacked, Cristobel flees into the woods and gets high in the trees to carry out the message to the other operatives out there, through mirrors and birdcalls. She is one of the few members of the team to survive.[1]


Cristobel is very agile and, as a spotter, she frequently climbs to great heights, nimbly using what she has at hand.

Physical description[]

Cristobel has many missing teeth, resultant of the punishment she suffered at the age of twelve.


  • Cristobel knows the birdcals and signals specific to the Scarlet Guard.


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