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Quote1.png Divide and conquer, Miss Barrow. It's the only way to beat them. Quote2.png
— Dane Davidson to Mare Barrow, King's Cage

Dane Davidson is the Premier of the Free Republic of Montfort. He is a newblood and a shield.


Early History[]

Davidson was born and raised in the Kingdom of Norta. He was conscripted to fight in the Nortan-Lakelander War. It was during this time he discovered he was what would come to be known as a newblood and that he was able to project force fields. Declared a criminal due to his "abnormal" nature and scheduled to be executed by his legion, Davidson escaped. His superior officers marked him as deceased on official military records, so they didn't have to explain another newblood survival.

Davidson fled to Montfort, collecting other newbloods along the way to save them from execution. On arrival in Montfort, he found the nation in ruin. Thousands of Silver princes claimed their own territories and the country was splintered beyond recognition. Davidson was quick to see that only Reds stood united, and Ardents, what newbloods are called in Montfort, ready to strike back.

Davidson united the Reds and Ardents into an army and they forcibly established a democratic republic, building the Free Republic of Montfort from the ashes of brutal oppression by Silvers. It is now "a haven of liberty and equality, where Reds, Silvers, and Ardents live in peace together." But it remained well guarded and hidden by its location in the mountains and by his people's specially designed walls. Davidson was chosen by his people to lead them and serves as their Premier. He is the third premier.[1]

Davidson remained dedicated to overthrowing the oppressive Silver rulers of the other countries on the continent, bringing blood-equality to all, and expanding Montfort's democracy. For the next twenty years, he built an army and a fleet. He also embraced a policy of "divide and conquer" when it came to overthrowing the Silver Elites. The policy involves infiltrating, controlling, and eventually toppling opposing kingdoms in acts of armed rebellion. At the same time, the policy includes being open to working with Silvers, in whatever capacity, to reach his goals.

Red Queen[]

Mare Barrow notes Davidson's name on Julian Jacos' list of newbloods. His entry reads "Dane Davidson, Red soldier, Storm Legion, killed on routine patrol, body never recovered. August 1, 296 NE."

King's Cage[]

Montfort is providing funding, supplies, and soldiers to the Scarlet Guard after the capture of Mare by King Maven Calore and the Guard's infiltration of Corvium.

Montfort has taken an interest in Tiberias Calore VII, who is now the Scarlet Guard's most well-known and legitimate operative. Montfort wishes to use Cal as a "poster boy" are in discussion with the Command of the Guard about him. According to Farley, Montfort and Command want Cal with the Guard "at almost any cost," which increases his standing in the rebel army.

After Corvium is successfully taken by the Guard, Montfort increases its involvement in the Guard's organization and insurrection against King Maven's rule. Until now, Montfort and the Guard did not communicate openly and did not share operations. After Maven's alliance with the Kingdom of the Lakelands is formed, Montfort makes its own alliance with the Scarlet Guard, and starts supplying soldiers, equipment, and weapons Montfort also wants Mare rescued from her captivity with Maven, and helps organized the Wedding Battle to rescue Mare and raid the Nortan Treasury.

The Scarlet Guard moves its operations to a Piedmont royal fleet base that is under Montfort's control. Davidson personally comes to the base, along with six of his generals, where they attend Mare's debriefing. He enters the room with Julian, who he recognizes as a smart man for his discovery of newbloods in Norta. Davidson has instructed his generals to give Julian access to the base's archives, a laboratory, and all the time he wants to continue his newblood studies.

Davidson explains to Mare, Cal, Farley, and the Colonel that Montfort concentrated their efforts on Piedmont due to its precarious structure. They were able to make the current High Prince of Piedmont, Prince Bracken of the Lowcountry, work for Montfort and the Guard's interests by ceding the base to their personal use after Montfort kidnapped his children, Prince Michael and Princess Charlotta, to ensure his cooperation.

While Davidson personally hates such tactics, he supported them because doing so gave Montfort and the Scarlet Guard control of coastal Piedmont and all of its resources to use against Maven. Davidson learned of the attempt by Bracken's allies, Prince Daraeus and Prince Alexandret, to try and obtain the children's location from Mare while she was imprisoned with Maven, Davidson had Daraeus killed for working against them.

When House Samos leads a rebellion against Maven and declares independence from Norta, Davidson and the Guard open and maintain channels of communication with a begrudging King Volo Samos. Davidson is contacted by Dowager Queen Anabel Lerolan, who was contacted by Cal. Anabel considered Davidson a reasonable man and finds Montfort is eager to ally themselves with the rebelling Silver Houses. Davidson agrees to have Montfort support the war and the restoration of Cal to the throne as the rightful King of Norta.

Davidson takes part in the battle of Corvium against Maven's counterattack. He fights with Mare to try and prolong the breaching of the walls. After the battle is won, he is part of the meeting in Corvium's administrative tower. House Samos, Anabel and House Lerolan, Lord Salin Iral and House Iral, House Laris, House Haven, Mare, Cal, and Farley are all in attendance as well. Davidson witnesses Lord Iral's humiliating dismissal by King Volo after Lord Iral admits to killing King Orrec Cygnet of the Lakelands. At the meeting, Cal gives an impressive speech aimed at uniting the coalition to change the existing social order between Reds and Silvers in Norta, and to defeat his brother Maven. Davidson then personally addresses King Volo, thanking him for his aid in the defense of Corvium. Davidson gets Volo to public confirm that they are allied in a common cause against both Maven's rule and ending the mistreatment of Reds. When Anabel and Volo publicly reveal their intentions to restore Cal to Norta's throne and the marriage of Evangeline and Cal, Davidson pledges that Montfort will support the installment of King Tiberias Calore VII.

When a hurt and angry Mare leaves the meeting with Farley, Davidson finds her and confirms that he knew what Anabel and Volo would do. He explains that Cal's installment as King of Norta is part of his policy of "divide and conquer." He confirms her knowledge that Montfort and the Scarlet Guard would never support a Silver king, not truly. Montfort's plan is to allow the Silvers of the Rift, Norta, and the Lakelands to kill each other.

War Storm[]

Volo Samos and Anabel Lerolan ask Davidson to provide more soldiers and resources. Davidson replies that he needs to return to Montfort to ask the council because they are a democratic republic. A large group that includes Mare, Cal, and Evangeline, will go with him.

Davidson hosts the delegation from Norta at his home alongside his husband, Carmadon. One night during dinner, there is an attack by raiders, and Davidson and the delegation go to fight them off.

After Cal assumes the throne, Montfort and the Scarlet Guard break off their alliances with Norta. Davidson kidnaps Maven by using Arezzo who is a teleporter.

Later, Montfort supports a full-scale assault by the Scarlet Guard on Archeon, attempting to take the city.

Broken Throne[]

Davidson continues to host Evangeline, Elane, and Ptolemus as foreign dignitaries in his home. He encourages Elane to join his staff as an aide, as her ability as a shadow would be useful and make her well-suited to the position.

On October 321 NE, Davidson hosts a delegation of representatives from the Nortan States, generals of the Scarlet Guard, and Montfort officials in his library. The meeting was originally aimed at hashing out details about the coalition, but quickly devolved into an argument over the reformation of the Nortan States. The coalition stayed at Davidson's home for another week. At the end of the gathering, Davidson hosted a gala before seeing the members of the coalition off.


Davidson is described as having a firm way of speaking, with a natural conviction. He is highly intelligent and is a genius in politics and strategy. He is a strong man who capably hides his country's secrets and Montfort's ambition to end the corrupt Silver kingdoms. While he is very talented at appearing emotionless, he shows clear pride in Montfort and what has been achieved there. He is a firm believer in the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He always has a plan ready and manipulates others into making sure it happens.

Physical Description[]

Davidson is a man of East Asian heritage[2], six feet tall, with pale and sandy skin. His hair is gray, and the first time Mare sees him, he is wearing civilian clothing. Everything about his appearance is "decidedly neutral, pleasantly average, and unassuming." He maintains a blank, empty, and unreadable expression by design. His only remarkable feature is his wild, angled, intelligent, gold eyes, taking in everything for observation and understanding. According to Mare, he is "the kind of man who gets more attractive with the years." According to Evangeline he has "the look of a predator, never blinking, never distracted." Davidson is handsome, distinguished, and intimidating. He can also seem strange to others, especially those who don’t know him well.


Dane has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. His ability is the power to generate vibrant, blue force fields. He has been known to use his ability to imprison his enemies in a cage of shields. He is very powerful, and can create long-lasting, impenetrable shields over ten feet wide.


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