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Daniel Barrow is the father of Mare Barrow and her siblings.


He fought for twenty years in the war, but came home to his family without the ability to walk as well as defected lungs, resulting in a need for breathing equipment. His lungs and legs were healed by Sara Skonos, a Silver skin healer. As a result, he could breathe normally again, and walk with the assistance of a cane.


He's often quiet and doesn't show his emotions so well, but cares about his family. He maintains a gruff silence. His words are few but expressive. He's a naturally quiet man, except when it comes to despising Silvers. Like the rest of his family, he resents when Mare has to leave and go on more dangerous missions. Daniel is a complicated person. He has a pessimistic outlook on the future and feels that the Silvers' tyranny is insurmountable. Mare used to think her father was broken, but she discovers that he's as whole as everyone else and always has been. He tries to protect his children from the pain of wanting what they could not have because they were Reds. Over time, Daniel changes, especially when their family arrives in Montfort. He has regained his ability to hope.

Physical Description[]

He lost a leg during his conscription, but it was grown back by Sara Skonos. Daniel has a very good sense of smell. He is able to determine that Shade is not fighting near the Choke just by smelling the letter he sent. Shade calls him "Dad the Bloodhound." Mare notices how Montfort has improved Daniel's health. He is heartier than he was in the Stilts. He's gained weight where needs to, arms and legs filling out, while his waist looks trimmer.[1] He's now getting good nutrition and having his leg and lung replaced has given him his mobility back. He has the same dark brown eyes as Bree and Tramy, they are darker than Mare's.


  • Daniel built the Barrow's house in the Stilts.[2]
  • Daniel spent the most time in the army and at the Choke than anyone else in the family.
  • He finds the mountain range bordering Montfort to be incredibly beautiful.
  • Daniel and Ruth act as parental substitutes for Kilorn.


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