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Egan is a Red and the leader of the Mariners, a smuggling organization operating in Harbor Bay.


Egan runs his gang from the Bay and finds himself often at odds with the other band operating in the harbor, the Seaskulls. Egan works smuggling goods and people for the Scarlet Guard since September, 300 NE.

In 320 NE, Egan and some members of the Mariners meet with Captain Diana Farley and Tristan Boreeve, the operatives assigned to Operation Red Web. The Mariners agree to help the Guard infiltrate into Norta. They accept to introduce them to the Whistle network and to let them use their own network to smuggle people.[1]

Later that year, Maven Calore takes Melody and sends Egan her severed finger to blackmail the Mariners to bring him Mare Barrow. When Mare and her team ask the Mariners for access through the city, Egan tries to betray them by sending Crance to lead them into a trap, but fails.[2]


Egan commands loyalty and respect. He is unafraid and does not dread the Silver Security.

Physical Description[]

Egan is short, squat and barrel-chested. He has sun-damaged skin and long hair, that he uses in a tangled plait. He is missing several teeth. His arms are muscled and scarred. Egan has twin tattoos of a blue-black anchor, surrounded by red, swirling rope, on both forearms, the symbol of the Mariners.


  • Despite looking nothing alike, Egan reminds Farley of her father, Colonel Farley.
  • Farley believes he spent half his life in a boat.


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