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Quote1 Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight. Quote2
Evangeline Samos describing Elane

Elane Haven is a shadow and was one of the contestants in the Queenstrial as a representative of House Haven. She is the lover of Evangeline Samos.

Biography Edit

Elane was House Haven's candidate in the Queenstrial, but lost to Evangeline Samos.

Later, in training, when Rane Arven asked who was most likely to win the fight between Maven and Tirana Osanos, Elane deemed Tirana as the more likely winner, because she had elemental advantage and was more experienced. Tirana won the fight, proving Elane right.

In King's Cage, it is revealed that Elane Haven and Evangeline Samos are lovers. Elane, Evangeline, and Ptolemus Samos decide that it is for the best for Elane to marry Ptolemus so that Evangeline and Elane can stay close to each other.

In War Storm, she is still in a relationship with Evangeline Samos and spends time with her. Later it is revealed that she was forced by Larentia to sleep with her husband to give heirs to House Samos. Elane later escapes with Evangeline to find a new life in Montfort, where she and Evangeline are free to have a public romantic relationship.

Physical description Edit

She is described as being pale with glossy red curls. She is described as beautiful and perfect by both Mare and Evangeline. She has light skin, which she lets glow by her ability, and beautiful dark eyes.

Personality Edit

Elane is kind and sometimes shy and quiet. She doesn't contradict orders from Eve's parents and she is very elegant and ladylike. She appears to be a pure-hearted and loving person. Elane is also shown to be cunning and intelligent when she skillfully uses her powers of stealth to help Evangeline spy on political opponents.

Trivia Edit

  • Elane is a lesbian.[1]
  • Elane has been described as "Evangeline's whore" by Maven Calore.

References Edit

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