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Electricons are newbloods who can create and control electricity. While they are able to feel electricity in technology around them, they are not able to control electricity that was created by another electricon. At the moment no electricon has the same color of lightning.


"Electricons can control, manipulate, and create electricity, their abilities ranging in strength from simple sparks to entire lightning storms." - On Silverblooded Abilities by Victoria Aveyard

Lightning Types[]

There are four different types of lightning that electricons commonly use.

  • Storm lightning is more powerful than any other kind, hotter than the surface of the sun, with the strength to even split diamondglass.
  • Web lightning is made of bolts and sparks thrown from electricon's hands and feet, usually splaying in webs to protect their body. It can also take form. An example is Rafe's whip, which is described as a fraying arc of electricity that moves like a deadly rope and is able to burn through anything in its path. Web lightning is accurate and precise.
  • Pulse lightning is made of small and concentrated sparks that contain the strength of a storm bolt. They can be compared to a live-wire bullet.
  • Brain lightning can affect the electricity in a person's body, giving them a seizure or killing them. Brain lightning is not visible. However, it takes an immense amount of control. The only electricon capable of brain lightning is Tyton.

Notable Electricons[]