Princess Elisabeta of the Tidewater was married to King Marcas Calore. She was princess from Piedmont and became Queen of Norta.


Marcas forwent the rite of Queenstrial to marry Elisabeta as part of an alliance with Piedmont. Together they had one child, Aerion Calore.

Upon becoming king, Marcas delegated his duties to his mother, Dowager Queen Helena Merandus, and his wife. The two queens undertook a campaign to improve the Nortan infrastructure and economy. Queen Elisabeta had a passion for architecture and build the Greenway, a road system connecting Norta and Piedmont.

When Marcas died in a drunken fall, the two queens continued their work in conjunction with his heir and only child, Aerion Calore. Helena and Elisabeta were able to influence King Aerion to decree that the line of succession would depend on ability, not gender. Elisabeta also built the Bridge of Archeon with King Aerion.

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