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Ella is a newblood with the electricon ability.


King's Cage[]

Mare Barrow sees Ella at the Wedding Battle. Ella is the one who starts the battle. Mare is happy to discover that there is another newblood who has the same ability she does.

Ella, Rafe, and Tyton help Mare train at the Piedmont base. Mare finds Ella's training more brutal than Cal's. Unlike Cal, who was raised to fight but with a skin healer in the wings, Ella's version of sparring is focused on total annihilation. Cal is more oriented on defense while Ella is brawler.

Ella tells Mare that she was born in Prairie, in the Sandhills. Her family lived on the move, and eventually kept going west into the mountains. Montfort took her family in ten years ago.

During the battle at Corvium, Ella is on the tower controlling a lightning storm.

War Storm[]

Ella stays at the Piedmont base with Rafe when Mare goes with the delegation to Montfort. She meets up with Mare for the overthrow of New Town.

Broken Throne[]

After the Nortan Civil War, Rafe returns to Montfort with the other electricons.


Ella is portrayed as being energetic, sassy, and very talkative. She is always eager for action. She has an eager nature and open smile. Ella is a good teacher to Mare, who finds her instruction invaluable.

Physical Description[]

Ella has blue dyed hair worn in a pixie cut, to match the color of her lightning. She is described as having a dainty stature to match her high and breathy voice. Ella has jagged blue tattoos. Her natural hair is a dirty blonde color.


Ella has the mutation that grants her a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. As a result, she has the ability to control and generate electricity, making her an electricon. However, unlike Mare her lightning is blue instead of purple. Ella also prefers using storm lightning. Mare notes that she doesn't think her lightning will ever be as destructive as Ella's, not without years of training.