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Ellyn Macanthos was killed in the Sun Shooting by the Scarlet Guard.


Ellyn was a colonel in the Nortan military. She commanded a half legion and headed the war council.

Red Queen[]

She was targeted for the Sun Shooting by the Scarlet Guard based on Maven Calore's advice as without her, the front would be a mess for months. Mare feels guilty for allowing her to be killed, especially since she "wasn't ready to swallow the lies being spoon-fed" to the rest of the Silver nobles.[1]


She is smart, and doesn't believe Elara's lies about the Scarlet Guard attacks. She has a playful side, as seen when she teases Mare about how she will make a happy princess while Evangeline will make a sad queen.

Physical Description[]

Ellyn has freckles with a long ugly scar going down her face.


Ellyn was a stoneskin who had the ability to transform her body into stone.


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