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Ethan Titanos was an oblivion. He was a member of the House Titanos.


Ethan was general of the Iron Legion and fought against the Kingdom of the Lakelands.

Elara Merandus mentioned that Ethan was in the front lines as he led the legion to victory and was feared by the Lakelanders. However, one fateful day, he and his wife, Nora Nolle, were killed by Lakelander spies who snuck across the lines, causing the House Titanos to be lost.

Red Queen[]

King Tiberias Calore VI creates a false identity for Mare Barrow to cover up that she was a Red with Silver abilities. He decided that Mare would claim to be Ethan's long-lost daughter. After his death, a Red soldier took her for his own and raised her, never telling her what her true identity was.


In her speech, Elara describes Ethan as a bright hope against the darkness of war. Almost everyone seemed to have been fond of him.

Physical description[]

According to Ara Iral, Ethan had blue eyes.