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Quote1.png I am different from what my world demands I be. And I am not worse for it. Quote2.png
— Evangeline Samos in War Storm

Evangeline Artemia Samos is a magnetron of House Samos, and the second child of Volo Samos and Larentia Viper. She is initially shown to be an enemy of Mare Barrow, later proving that she has a good heart, just a funny way of showing it.


Evangeline is the younger sister of Ptolemus Samos. She was born ten months after Tiberias Calore VII, with the intention of her parents to marry her to him. Her father trained her from childhood. He would ask which things in a room she could use as weapons until it became instinct to notice all the metal in a room.

Red Queen[]

Evangeline is winner of Queenstrial. Everyone knew before the rite even started that she would be declared the winner. Mare Barrow interrupts Evangeline during her performance when she falls into the lightning shield, revealing her electricon ability. Upon seeing Mare, now under the identity of Mareena Titanos, Evangeline tells her that if she gets in her way, she will kill her slowly.

King's Cage[]

Evangeline is now engaged to King Maven Calore. She is at Whitefire Palace when Mare is imprisoned. She forces Mare into Maven's path repeatedly to make him distracted with her, as she doesn't want to marry Maven. During the Wedding Battle, Evangeline releases Mare from the Silent Stone in exchange for her promise not to kill Ptolemus in revenge for him killing her brother, Shade Barrow. She flees with Wren Skonos, her brother, and the rest of House Samos to their family estate in the Rift.

As part of the alliance between Cal, the rebelling High Houses, and the Kingdom of the Rift, Volo forcibly betroths Evangeline to Cal, again. The betrothal causes great conflict and unspoken tension between Evangeline and her parents, as Evangeline does not want to marry Cal because she loves Elane Haven.

War Storm[]

Evangeline tries to find a way to break her betrothal with Cal so that she can be with Elane. When she learns from Davidson that marriage between two women is allowed and respected in Montfort, she begins to quietly desire a new life for herself and Elane in Montfort. She plays a major role in pushing Mare and Cal back together, mainly because she sees it as a way of getting out of her engagement to Cal.

Evangeline and Ptolemus lead one section of the attack on Harbor Bay.

During the battle between Norta and the Lakelands, Evangeline confronts her parents and asks them one last time to let her be free. They refuse, with Volo claiming that he owns her. Evangeline tries to run away, and her mother sets her wolves on her. The wolves catch her, and hold her down. Larentia calls Evangeline "unnatural," bringing her to tears. At the last moment, Ptolemus arrives and kills the wolves, allowing Evangeline to get free. He then uses his ability to immobilize their parents. Evangeline, Ptolemus, and Wren escape Archeon together to make their way to Montfort where Elane is already waiting.

Broken Throne[]

After the Norta Civil War, Evangeline is living in Montfort as an honored guest alongside Elane, Ptolemus, and Wren. She abdicates the throne to the Kingdom of the Rift, along with her brother, and becomes a citizen of Montfort. She enlists in the Montfortan military and is assigned to guard duty, particularly in the premier's residence. She becomes Montfort's top diplomat and helps with the reconstruction of the Nortan States. Evangeline pushes Mare and Cal together once again so that they can be together.


Evangeline is perceived as cold-hearted and cruel to almost everyone. She is sharp-tongued and speaks her mind, only holding her tongue around her parents. She is proud, stubborn and fights for what she wants. She is incredibly loyal and affectionate to those she holds dear, particularly Ptolemus and Elane, though showing affection does not come naturally to her. Evangeline is ruthless, impatient and does not like to show her emotions. In her own words, “[she does] not like surprises, nor [does she] like to be impressed. It means something is better than [her], or [her] blood, or [her] homeland.”[1] She is strong and formidable on the battlefield. Evangeline is also very smart and good at strategizing.

Evangeline herself states that she was groomed since a young age to marry royalty, regardless if she loves them or not. While she is accepting of this fate, she later changes her mind when she learns of the possibility of a different fate in Montfort. She is eventually able to rebel against her parents in order to secure her own happiness. Evangeline goes through a lot of growth as a person. While she maintains her personality, she grows less discriminatory against Reds and after abdicating from the throne to the Kingdom of the Rift, she wholeheartedly accepts Montfort as her home.

Physical Description[]

Evangeline has long silver hair and cold, charcoal-black eyes, as is typical of members of House Samos. Evangeline has a sharp nose and often has a cruel smirk on her face, especially when looking at someone she perceives as a threat or weak. Her teeth are described as being sharp and white. Evangeline is incredibly beautiful and has the same porcelain skin and eyes as her mother. She also shares several East Asian features with her mother.[2]


Evangeline is a powerful magnetron, meaning she can manipulate and control metal. She is a fierce and nimble fighter as well. She almost always wears clothing that is made of metal and she uses her ability to change her outfit while wearing it. For example, she will make a dress shift into battle armor.


Ptolemus Samos[]

Evangeline is closest with her older brother, Ptolemus. They are four years apart and very protective of each other. He keeps a close eye on her, serving as both her escort and guardian. They have a strong understanding of each other and are willing to do anything for one another. The two siblings can be honest with each other as they can't be with anyone else. Ptolemus marries Elane so that Evangeline and Elane can stay close to each other. Evangeline calls Ptolemus "Tolly," while he calls her "Evie."

Elane Haven[]

Elane and Evangeline are lovers. Evangeline originally planned to make Elane her consort after her marriage to Cal. However, when Elara Merandus and Maven take the throne and Cal is cast out as a traitor and murderer of his father, King Tiberias Calore VI, her plans are forced to change. While she is engaged to marry Maven, she and Elane continue their relationship behind closed doors. As part of the alliance between Norta and the Rift, Evangeline is once again betrothed to Cal, which breaks her heart and results in her not speaking to her father for weeks. Elane tells Evangeline that she cannot live how they are anymore. Elane and Evangeline run away to Montfort with Ptolemus and Wren where they are finally free to be together.

Volo Samos and Larentia Viper[]

Evangeline had a very respectful relationship with her parents, although they were hash and strict. Evangeline maintained a wariness towards her parents, especially her father, at all times. She learned as a child "what it was to cross Volo Samos. You became a ghost. Ignored, unwanted. Until you earned your way back to his love with achievement and intelligence."[3] She avoided making him angry whenever possible. Because of her unwanted arranged marriage to Cal, she no longer holds the same respect for them. When they refused to let her be free to make her own choices, she abandons them to flee to Montfort with Ptolemus, Elane, and Wren.

When she realizes that Anabel Lerolan and Julian Jacos have traded Volo for Maven with Iris Cygnet and Queen Cenra Cygnet, she feels incredibly conflicted. On one hand, it would grant her the freedom she so desires, on the other hand she still feels some love for her father and doesn't know if she can stand by while he is killed. Larentia repeatedly makes snide comments about Evangeline's sexuality. Larentia treats Evangeline as a mere bargaining chip as a potential bride. She disowns Evangeline and Ptolemus after they insist that they will support the Nortan States and not claim their throne as rulers of the Rift.

Tiberias Calore VII[]

Cal and Evangeline have known their whole lives that they will be betrothed to each other. While at first Evangeline is seen as being protective of Cal, it is later revealed that she is really being protective of her place as the future Queen of Norta. Evangeline and Cal do not actually like one another, and at times can barely tolerate each other. Evangeline dislikes how obviously in love Cal is with Mare and she dislikes his inability to make choices. She views him as a weak king because of this. She works to push Mare and Cal together as part of her plan to break her engagement with Cal. She pushes them together again after the Nortan Civil War so that they can finally be together as she is now happier with Elane.

Mare Barrow[]

Evangeline and Mare hate each other upon first meeting. When Mare interrupts her performance during Queenstrial, Evangeline tells Mare that if she gets in her way, she'll kill her slowly. Mare is terrified of Evangeline. As she gains control of her ability though, Mare becomes less scared and intimidated, but always remembers that Evangeline could easily kill her. While imprisoned by Maven, Mare and Evangeline have frequent conversations that are verbal fights. Evangeline tries to push Mare and Maven together so that she won't have to marry him. When the Kingdom of the Rift forms an alliance with the Scarlet Guard, Mare and Evangeline are forced to spend a lot of time together, whether it's in strategy meetings or during battles. They grudgingly begin to respect one another. Evangeline is impressed at Mare's ability to upset and distract Cal and Maven. She also feels some respect towards Mare for what she has gone through and the strength of her ability. The two begin to spar as they appreciate that the other never holds back. Evangeline plays a major role in Cal and Mare getting back together, twice. To the surprise of both, they end up developing a sort of friendship.


  • Evangeline slept with a bullet around her neck for two years as part of her training.
  • Her favorite of the family estates is Rift House.
  • When Evangeline was thirteen, she horribly injured Elane in training. She spent a week crying and apologizing to Elane.
  • Victoria Aveyard has confirmed that Evangeline is a lesbian.[4]