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Fare Well is a novella in Broken Throne that is told from Maven Calore's perspective.


The story takes place before Maven's death. Maven has been captured and he is in a dungeon, placed there by Cal, but it is actually a luxurious suite. In the dungeon, Maven confirms that he could not be salvaged and that there is only his mother's creation left in him. This gives Cal the confirmation that he needed to stop searching for a way to cure Maven and to accept him and his fate. But at the end of the chapter, Maven shows a sign that there is some of his true self left inside after Cal leaves the room.

Cal has flown to Tuck Island. Everything feels eerie. Elara Merandus and Shade Barrow are buried here, and it is revealed that this is also Maven's gravesite. On the gravestone it's been carved: Maven Calore Beloved son, beloved brother. Let no one follow.

This novella shows why Cal was less emotional than Mare over Maven's death, and it provides closure on the brothers' relationship.[1]