The Feats of First Friday, also known as the Feats and First Friday, are duels held every first Friday of each month. Two Silvers battle one another and display their abilities in the arena among an audience. When the match is over, a flash of blue light will illuminate the arena floor and the victor is declared.

On the event that a Silver champion is on the brink of death during a match, it is automatically ended and Silver healers will rush to the fallen champion, while the Reds are sent away from the arena.

History Edit

The Feats was once an execution for prisoners and enemies of the state and held in Archeon. Back then, Feats of First Friday was called Bowl of Bones, as seen in Red Queen. Only the Silvers were able to attend these executions until such time that it spread to the other cities and became a source of entertainment rather than for solely killing off enemies.

The Silvers eventually built arenas everywhere and granted the Reds admission. Over the time, attendance had also became mandatory for the Reds and they were given 'lec papers (extra electricity rations) or food by Security officers for showing their enthusiastic participation.