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Fire Light is a novella that was included in Broken Throne. It is about Tiberias Calore VII and Mare Barrow.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Fire Light is told from Mare and Cal’s perspectives. It’s approximately two months after War Storm, and Mare is finally leaving Paradise Valley with her family to return to Montfort.

Kilorn Warren is busy working with Premier Dane Davidson and getting more involved with the Montfort government. He and Cameron Cole are in a relationship.

Mare is back in Ascendant to strategize and help with the formation of the Nortan Republic and the ongoing Lakelands threat. A gala is being thrown to get everyone together, and the event brings Cal and Mare into each other's orbit. They're still madly in love with each other, but are unwilling to label anything between them.

There are some parallels between the United States Civil War and the Silver Secession. The takeaway here is to remember history and to not repeat the same mistakes.[1]

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