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Fire Light is a novella that was included in Broken Throne. It is told from the perspectives of Tiberias Calore VII and Mare Barrow.


Set approximately two months after War Storm, this is the story of what happens to Mare, Cal, Kilorn Warren and other major players after the Nortan Civil War. A gala is being held in Montfort to bring everyone together to discuss the threat posed by the Lakelands and the progress of the delegations of the alliance. Cal and Mare see each other for the first time after since parting ways after the war. They are distant at first but then brought back together by Evangeline.


Approximately two months after the Nortan Civil War, Mare is finally leaving Paradise Valley with her family to return to Montfort, in time for the gala that is being thrown to get everyone together.

Kilorn welcomes the Barrow family and tells Mare that he has been busy working with Premier Dane Davidson and getting more involved with the Montfort government. He also reveals he and Cameron Cole are in a relationship, albeit a long-distance one as she continues her work helping rebuild and strengthen the Nortan States.

Members of all the delegations of the new alliance - the Nortan States, Montfort and the Scarlet Guard - travel to Ascendant where all the key players of the alliance are gathering at the same time, for the first time.

Cal arrives shortly after Mare, with his own delegation, accompanied by Julian Jacos and Anabel Lerolan. He sees Mare for the first time after their time apart, but does not say anything. The next day, Mare and Diana Farley meet each other again and walk together to join the Scarlet Guard delegation at the library, where the first meeting is being held. The members of all the delegations attend the meeting to summarize their progress, discuss the reconstruction of the Nortan States and the ongoing Lakelander threat.

Mare and Cal are distant at first, not having seen or talked to each other since parting ways after the war. They are still in love with each other, but don't know how to begin moving forward together. With the help of Evangeline, the two are brought together and are able to admit their feelings to each other and begin their futures together.

Throughout the week leading to the gala, several more meetings and debates are organized, to strategize the next steps of the alliance. The story ends with everyone gathering together at the gala. We learn that Julian intends to marry Sara Skonos and Mare and Cal are planning go to Paradise Valley for a few weeks to have some alone time.




  • There are some parallels between the United States Civil War and the Silver Secession. The takeaway here is to remember history and to not repeat the same mistakes.[1]