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Fyrion Calore was the son of King Tiberias Calore I and Queen Iranne Cygnet.


Prince Fyrion married Lady Crestina Titanos and together they had one son, Crest Calore.

Fyrion and Crestina led a civil war against Fyrion's nephew, King Caesar Calore II, because Fyrion thought he was better suited to the throne. They had the support of House Titanos. They lost the war against alliance formed between Dowager Queen Iranne, Queen Regent Irina Calore, Caesera Samos, Fyrion's sister, and House Samos.

Fyrion was executed for his attempt to usurp the throne, and his infant son, Prince Crest Calore, was exiled from Norta.[1]


As a Calore, Fyrion was a burner.


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