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General Drummer is a Red Command General of the Scarlet Guard.


Drummer is one of the Command Generals who attributes and coordinates missions with the Scarlet Guard operatives. In 320 NE, Drummer assigns Captain Diana Farley to Operation Red Web, with the goal of infiltrating the Scarlet Guard in Norta, and Colonel Farley to Operation Shieldwall. During their missions, both operatives regularly communicate with Drummer. He gives them orders and relays Command decisions regarding their requests.[1]

Later, Drummer is one of the Command Generals present in a meeting in Ascendant along with Scarlet Guard operatives and Montfort's leaders. During the meeting he meets Mare Barrow and the group delineates a plan to attack Archeon before the Lakelander queens have the chance to, before they proceed to question Maven Calore.[2]

After the Nortan Civil War, Drummer returns to Ascendant to attend the gala being thrown to get all the delegations of the new alliance together. Throughout the week leading to the gala, he attends several meetings and debates to summarize their progress, discuss the reconstruction of the Nortan States and the ongoing Lakelander threat.[3]


Drummer is surprisingly agile for his age and size. He has an attitude resultant of hard-lived and hard-won survival, similar to the other Command Generals.

Physical Description[]

Drummer is a round, broad chested man, with a portly face. He is gray-haired and has a short haircut.


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