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Quote1.png There are worse lives to live. Don't feel sorry for me. Quote2.png
— Gisa to Mare, Red Queen

Gisa Barrow is Mare Barrow's younger sister and a Red.


Gisa is the youngest in the Barrow family and the second daughter. With Gisa being the "perfect" child, Mare believed herself to be like a shadow to her younger sister, and the sisters were described by their mother as Gisa being her day, and Mare being her night. She could sew beautifully and had a talent for it, selling her own works to the Silvers in a shop in Summerton. She had been the main breadwinner in her family since she was fourteen.

When Mare comes to her asking for help so Kilorn can escape conscription, Gisa didn’t hesitate in bringing her sister to the Hall of the Sun where Mare could hopefully snag some valuable things. The plan goes horribly wrong when a riot breaks out and Silvers attack the Reds in the Hall after a broadcast talking about the Scarlet Guard. Trying to save Mare and Kilorn from conscription, amidst the chaos Gisa attempts to pickpocket a passing Silver. The Silver catches her and punishes Gisa by breaking her sewing hand, rendering her unable to sew anymore.[1]

Sara Skonos is able to heal her hand at a Scarlet Guard safe house.[2]


According to Mare, Gisa is sharp for her age, but very sweet. She believed that Gisa would have saved the whole family from poverty one day. Gisa does anything to protect her loved ones, and also has quite a sense of humor.

Physical Description[]

Gisa has long, glossy, red hair and is considered very pretty. She is described as having golden skin and being about 5'4". She has a straight nose, full lips, and sparkling, dark eyes. Mare notes that while Montfort has improved how healthy her family looks, it is especially obvious in Gisa. Her dark red hair glints like oil in the dim light.[3]


Gisa is an incredibly talented seamstress.


Mare Barrow[]

Gisa and Mare have a typical sisterly relationship. While they may tease one another, they love each other and always make up after a fight. Mare feels jealous of Gisa because she believe that while she can't do anything, Gisa will be the one who saves their family with her sewing skills.

Gisa becomes somewhat cold toward Mare in the wake of her injury. It seems that Gisa's frustration over her injury is in part because by trying to imitate Mare's pickpocketing, she lost the thing that set her apart as the favorite child.

Their relationship improves upon being reunited on Tuck Island. After the Nortan Civil War, they become especially close. Gisa is helpful to Mare in processing what she's been through and dealing with her worries. Gisa is good at deciphering Mare's emotions, as much as Mare tries to keep them hidden. Gisa knows when to push Mare on them and when to let her be.


  • Gisa used to have a crush on Kilorn, but it is later revealed she likes a shopgirl from Montfort, hinting that Gisa is not straight.[4]
  • Aveyard has confirmed that Gisa is indeed pansexual.


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