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Greenwardens, also known as greenys, are elementals who can manipulate plant life and it’s characteristics, like anatomy, physiology, etc. They can control and manipulate leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, roots, branches and wood. From creating poisoning pollen to sharp and hard leaves… from acidic fruits that will erode to branches that can withstand bullets… from roots that can split things in half to carnivore flowers…


"Greenwardens are elementals, able to manipulate plant matter varying dependent on skill and natural talent. As with magnetrons, greenwardens train themselves to control differing plants, ranging from sprouting small, simple seeds to growing massive root systems in the blink of an eye. The highest ranking greenwardens in Norta belong to House Welle, the traditional governors of the Capital River Valley" - On Silverblooded Abilities by Victoria Aveyard

Notable Houses[]