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The Hall of the Sun is Tiberias Calore VI's summer residence. Cal's Queenstrial, the Parting Ball, and the Sun Shooting occurred here before the High Houses and the royal family evacuated to Whitefire Palace in Archeon.

The Spiral Garden Edit

The Spiral Garden is a large arena where Tiberias Calore VII's Queenstrial took place, and where Evangeline Samos was chosen to be Cal's queen.

The Spiral Garden has been said to curve downward into an immense bowl, with tables and plush chairs crowding the spiral of terraces. Plants and fountains trickle down the steps, dividing the terraces into boxes, which join at the bottom and decorate a grassy circle ringed with stone statues. At the front is the Royal Terrace, dripped in red and black silk, with four seats and everyone is lonely

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