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Quote1.png I'm with you easy river or hard. Quote2.png
— Hallow to Ashe, World Behind

Hallow is a Red Riverman who makes his living smuggling refugees and illegal goods. He is the captain of his keelboat and travels with a crew of three members.


Hallow is Freeland born and raised. When he was 18, he earned his own boat, at the same time as his fellow captain, Ashe. Ever since, he and his crew take cargo, stolen crates of things from various countries, and sometimes people fleeing the Crownlands, down south or northwest. He and some other captains usually travel together, among them Ashe and Old Toby.

In 321 NE, Hallow transports three Red teenager siblings pleading for passage on the docks of the Ohius river. Along the way, Ashe's keel is attacked by Orrian Cygnet who is trying to get the Piedmont princess Lyrisa back. Hallow waits for Ashe, ready to help, and they latch their keels together. Hallow suggests for Ashe to let Lyrisa go, because even though he wants to help his friend, he is carrying risky cargo and cannot get caught. At Ashe's request, Hallow accepts to transport the four members of the Red family aboard Ashe's boat the rest of the way.[1]


Hallow is said not to be as careful as Ashe, and "he let's the river take him where it wills."[1]

Physical Description[]

Hallow is described as fair haired, very tall and "lanky as a scarecrow". He has a golden tooth replacing his canine incisor, a matching set with Ashe.


Hallow has a boat almost the same size as Ashe's, about twenty feet across at its widest point and less than a hundred long from end to end.



Hallow's and Ashe's fathers used to work together downriver and died together too. Ashe and Hallow got their boats at the same time and often travel the river together. Ashe always lets Hallow pick his passengers first. When Ashe's keel is attacked by Orrian Cygnet, Hallow helps him by transporting the Red family Ashe had aboard his boat.


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