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Harbor Bay is a large city located in the eastern region of Norta.


Harbor Bay is built around its famous, bowl-like harbor. Most of it is artificially built, forming a too-perfect curve of ocean against land. Both greenwardens and nymphs helped build the city and the harbor by alternately burying and flooding the ruins of what once stood there.

Dividing the ocean circle, jutting straight out into into the water, is a straight roadway, Port Road, full of gates, army patrols, and choke points. The roadway separates the civilian Aquarian Port from the War Port, and leads to Fort Patriot, which is perched on a flat square of walled land in the middle of the harbor. The fort is considered the most valuable in the country, and is the only base that services all three branches of the military. Fort Patriot is home to the soldiers of the Beacon Legion, and squadrons of the Air Fleet. The water of the War Port is deep enough for even the largest of ships, creating an essential dock for the Nortan navy.

The city itself spreads around the harbor, crowing between the docks. Harbor Bay is older than Archeon. Thus the roads twist and split unpredictably. Some of the streets even dip underground. The city is walled all the way around.[1]

One of the most important features of the city is the Security Center. It's the administrative hub for the entire city. It contains records and addresses for citizens. On the western side of the city is a hill that overlooks the harbor. This is where the Silver nobles have their mansions. Each palatial home boasts pristine while walls, sky-blue roofs, and tall silver spires topped with sharp-pointed stars.

Map of Harbor Bay


Harbor Bay was included in one of several attacks done by the Scarlet Guard. The explosion was brought up by Colonel Macanthos during a large gathering in Queen Elara's personal dining hall. Elara falsely told the Colonel that the explosion was was caused by a gas leak.[2]

Mare, Farley, Shade, Cal, and Kilorn go to Harbor Bay to recruit newbloods for the Scarlet Guard. The Red organization known as the Mariners are based in Harbor Bay.

Notable Locations[]

  • Aquarian Port
  • War Port
  • The Security Center
  • Pike Gate
  • The Port Road
  • Ocean Hill
  • The Fish Market
  • Paltry Place


  • Harbor Bay is based on Boston.[3]
  • Harbor Bay was Coriane's favorite place.
  • The citizens of Harbor Bay and the surrounding area are known for their distinct accents. The accent is thickened by hard vowels and missing r's.[4]