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Harrus Jacos was was a member of House Jacos and the father of Julian and Coriane Jacos.


Harrus Jacos married Aline Marinos, who died some time later. After House Jacos lost its greatness and wealth, in part due to many members dying in the Lakelander war, he lived in a lonely, empty estate in Aderonack with Jessamine Jacos and his children.

Around 293 NE, Harrus replaced his brother, Jared Jacos, more and more in administrative meetings, due to Jared being unwell for years. Harrus was present at his brother's funerals along with the remaining family, showing true pain for his death. Shortly after the ceremony, Harrus was invited to attend the banquet organized by the ruling House Calore, in Archeon, accompanying House Jacos.

Since Jared had no children of his own anymore, his titles passed to Harrus after his brother's death. Harrus took over his position as governor of Aderonack and moved to the capital with the family, to live at court. When Coriane and the Crown Prince Tiberias Calore VI fell in love, Harrus reveled in the attention and used it as leverage to trade on his daughter's future for coins and credit. He lost as much as he borrowed in bets and risky investments. His governorship was eventually lost to House Provos, due to Harrus poor management, despite his daughter's soon-to-be royal position.

Some time after the death of King Tiberias Calore V, Harrus "found his end in the bottom of the glass."[1]


Coriane described her father as strict, who did not approve of her interests. Harrus had bad management skills and was a poor player, who liked to bet and undertake costly and ill-advised ventures. He was ambitious but did not have tact. He stood by and watched his brother waste away to grief, which Coriane thought was "an ugly, loveless act".


As a member of House Jacos, Harrus was a singer, meaning he could use his voice to control people as long as direct eye contact was established.


Coriane Jacos[]

Coriane and her father did not have a good relationship. Harrus did not approve of Coriane's tinkerings. He still called upon her every time something needed fixing, but never acknowledged her good work. Harrus never payed Coriane much attention until Prince Tiberias fell in love with her, and even then it was minuscule and not for her own benefit. Coriane noted that her father only condescended to notice her worth when someone else did. As a wedding gift, Harrus asked her for allowance, instead of giving her something. She wished it was not him to walk her down the isle. When her father died, Coriane wrote about his death on her diary.


  • Harrus built two mines at Lord Samos's request, who assured him there was iron in the Aderonack hills, but both mines failed.


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