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Heron Welle is a greenwarden and the daughter of Lord Cyrus Welle.


Red Queen[]

Heron was one of the participants in Queenstrial. For her display, Heron repairs the floor damaged by the previous contestant, Rohr Rhambos. Then she makes the trees grow tall in the blink of an eye.

King's Cage[]

Heron is one of the many Silver children kept hostage by King Maven in order to keep the High Houses in line. Heron greets Maven when he arrives at her family's estate.

Physical Description[]

She is described as being tall and lean with birdlike features, an angular face, and pale skin. She looks elegant, refined, and sharply beautiful. Her eyes are a vibrant deep blue and she has auburn hair.[1]


Heron is a strong greenwarden, meaning she has the ability to manipulate earth and plants.


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