House Calore
House Calore

Red, black and silver


Fire Manipulation



House Calore is the ruling House in the kingdom of Norta, and have ruled for more than 300 years. Its king holds the Burning Crown.

The family's main residence is Whitefire Palace in Archeon, the capital of Norta.

House Calore's colors are red and black, adorned with silver for royal Silvers. Members of their family line also tend to have black hair and red-gold eyes, and the traditional name for Calore crown princes is "Tiberias".

History Edit

House Calore was founded by Alexandrus Caesar Calore, known as King Caesar, who united the Silver families of the region and established the so-called New Era by which all Nortan events are now recorded. King Caesar was a warlord, powerful beyond measure, utilizing his inferno to burn a dynasty into the pages of history. His descendants followed his tradition. The Calores of Norta are a military family, rigid to their duty to crown and country. Many princes and princesses served on the battle lines of various wars, including the current war against the Lakelanders.

Abilities Edit

Members of House Calore are burners; they can control fire and manipulate heat, but not create it. In order to utilize their ability at will, Cal and Maven wear metal bracelets that release sparks, which they could turn into flames.

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Calore is Italian for heat.
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