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House Calore
House Calore

Red, black, and silver




House Calore was the only ruling House of the Kingdom of Norta. They ruled for more than three hundred years. The king wore the Burning Crown and was denominate the Flame of the North. The family's main residence was Whitefire Palace in the capital of Archeon.

Members of House Calore tend to have black hair and red-gold eyes. It's tradition for the crown prince to be named Tiberias.


House Calore was founded by Caesar Calore I, known as King Caesar, who united the Silver families of the region and established the so-called New Era by which all Nortan events are now recorded. King Caesar was a warlord, powerful beyond measure, utilizing his inferno to burn a dynasty into the pages of history. His descendants followed his tradition. The Calores of Norta are a military family, rigid to their duty to the crown and country. Many princes and princesses served on the battle lines of various wars, including the Lakelander War.

King Tiberias Calore VII was the the eighteenth and last ruler of Norta. After the Nortan Civil War, he abdicated the crown in favor of a democratic nation with blood equality, the Nortan States, ending the Calore dynasty.


Members of House Calore are burners meaning they can control fire and manipulate heat, but not create it. In order to utilize their ability at will, members wear metal bracelets that release sparks, which they can turn into flames.

Calore Dynasty[]

Notable Members[]


  • "Calore" is Italian for heat.


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