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House Iral
House Iral

Dark Blue and Red



House Iral is one of the High Houses in the Kingdom of Norta. Members of this family have the ability called silks, giving them superhuman agility, endurance, and perfect balance.


House Iral became part of the top tier of High Houses based on intimidation, skill, intelligence, and relationships. Lady Ara Iral is considered the most successful wartime spy in recent history, and is a vault of information regarding both the Lakelands and Norta.

Prince Robert was the royal consort and paramour to King Tiberias Calore V. This has also provided House Iral with a position of strength within the court.

House Iral participated in an assassination attempt on King Maven. Though unsuccessful, they went on to form a new kingdom called the Kingdom of the Rift.


Members of House Iral are silks.

Notable Members[]